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Creating opportunities for people who have often been excluded, Greyston Open Hiring™ offers individuals a pathway forward regardless of past hardships and challenges. A mission-driven food company and pioneering social enterprise, Greyston is developing workable solutions that businesses can embrace to help solve some of the nation’s most intractable, systemic problems such as entrenched poverty and recidivism.

Greyston brownies are baked with only the best, kitchen-friendly ingredients and without any preservatives. They are crafted by an incredible team of bakers, who also make the brownies you find in Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Greyston brownies make the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. Enjoy!

Open Hiring™ creates opportunities for people who have often been excluded by filling jobs without judging applicants or asking them any questions. Beyond the critical first step of providing an opportunity to work, the Open Hiring™ Model includes community programs to support new employees.

A single individual’s ability to find and keep a job can have profound repercussions throughout a community: inspiring hope in families, neighborhoods, and among local businesses. With every position we fill through Open Hiring™ Greyston creates an opportunity to transform a life and the lives of family members -- and to contribute to a thriving community.

Greyston Bakery
104 Alexander Street
Yonkers, NY 10701

Greyston Foundation
21 Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703